Hi I am Seyamaila and clumsy is my middle name.

I will take you with my own my clumsy adventures from now on. Enjoy reading it as much as I hated being in that moment then 😉

Well, let’s start from the beginning. I used to live in Barcelona for some months, which was amazing. My Spanish is still not the best (I believe I have an A2 level), so I struggle with conversations. 

One day a bird shat on my bag in the morning on my way to work. I am still happy it did not poop on my hair, that would have been a nightmare haha. 
Anyway, I tried to wash it off at the office, but it was pretty tenacious. Not all would come off. So with a less, but still dirty bag, I went home. 

Awkward moments with Seyamie. Bird poop
I am just as scared of pigeons nowadays

At home, I first called my mom to ask how to properly clean it:  Wear gloves and use wet tissues with dishwashing liquid. 
Next, I heard my landlady coming home. She might know what to do as well, but first I had to explain to her what happened.
Question is, how do you tell this in Spanish? Normally I would Google Translate it, but this time I did not think before I acted. I just went to her, showed her my bag and said:  ‘mierda de parejas.’
She looked at me strangely and said ‘Qué?’ (What?). Aha you mean ‘pájaro’ and she made clapping moves, like a bird trying to fly. Her son heard it all and started laughing.
Apparently, I said something like ‘couples fuck or poo from couples.’ I still am not sure, but I am too afraid to ask anyone. AWKWARD!

Awkward moments with Seyamie. Bird poop

I even had to tell my boyfriend about this when he came home. Mierda, I should have waited for him, his Spanish is much better 🙂 You can imagine, he laughed his butt off and went directly to my landlady. Luckily, she was super sweet and said ‘can happen when you are learning a language’ <3 

Don’t you think pájaro and parejas look very similar? I do, but one word can make such a big difference…. 

What about you? Did you ever make a language mistake like this? Make this less awkward for me 😉 and share your experiences in a comment!

P.s. my landlady told me to grab a scouring pad and use dishwashing liquid. Two amazing women telling me the same, then it has to work. And it did! So if you ever have bird poop on your bag, you know what to do. 

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