Lately I have been receiving a lot of questions about Jordan. Beautiful Jordan... it really is a country you have to visit once in your life. I have been receiving many questions about public transport, but also about Wadi Rum. So here are all your questions answered.

What to expect in this article

How to get from Amman to the Wadi Rum desert and back?

First of all, you are going to Jordan! Wow, it really is a beautiful country and the Wadi Rum desert still is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to.

Coming back to the question: We took the Jett Bus from Amman (7th Circle), first to Petra. After exploring amazing Petra (hello second world wonder), we took a taxi to Wadi Rum. 

Trust me, there are enough taxi drivers in Petra to negotiate a price to reach Wadi Rum.

Then after spending a night under the stars of Wadi Rum, we took a taxi to Aqaba. This is a city completely south of Jordan. 
It is a bit more difficult to find a taxi in Wadi Rum, but we did find one. Also, our cool guide helped us out with that.

And then after spending some days in Aqaba, we again took the Jett Bus to Amman. 

Wadi Rum desert

How much does the Jett Bus cost?

I just looked up the price and it says it costs 10 JDS pp for a one-way trip from Amman (7th Circle) to Aqaba, which is 14 euros. Back in 2018 it cost us around 8 euros pp, so they raised the price a little bit (maybe because of Corona), but I still believe it is pretty cheap.

It is approximately 4 hours by bus from Amman to Aqaba and the Jett Bus is very comfortable. Beforehand you can even reserve your seat. 

Amman Jordan
Amman is fun!

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How do I reach other places like Jerash?

My parents and I did not use public transport in Jordan. If I would have travelled there with a friend I would have looked at taking public transport, but my parents felt more comfortable with taxis.

We took a cab to a couple of places in Jordan and the driver would wait for us until we finished. It was comfortable, but also a bit more expensive. 
To reach Jerash from Amman cost us 40 euros.
Next to that, we also took a taxi to Mount Nebo on our way to the Death Sea, which was the same price approximately. 

I have heard about people that hired a car, so that is also a possibility. 

Jerash Jordan
Jerash is beautiful!

Do you have tips for hiring a taxi?

The biggest tip that I have is to trust your guts. Speak to several taxi drivers to see what prices they ask for. We eventually found 1 driver that was kind and had a good price, he then took us to a number of places.
The same thing happened when I visited Malaysia with my parents, so it is possible!

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Petra is a must-go!

Do you already have the Jordan Pass?

Are you thinking, the Jordan Pass, what is that? 

Well, this pass gives you free entrance to over 40 attractions in Jordan which is really worth it. The entrance to Petra and even our visa were included! You can choose how many days you would like to go to the historical site of Petra. 

‘The Jordan pass is the ultimate sightseeing package that has been especially tailor-made for visitors to the country. It gives pass holders the ability to make the most out of their trip visiting top sights and attractions whilst saving time, money and efforts.’

See this website for more information, you won’t regret it. 

That’s the government’s way of attracting more and more tourists as everyone is scared of the safety of the surrounding countries. But we never experienced anything of that. Jordan itself is a safe country but always check the latest news. 

Amman Jordan
Amman is a fun city to explore! Don't skip it.

Warning: Don't book this hotel

If you don’t want to get scammed, please don’t book this hotel.

One piece of advice: If possible, always check out a room before you pay for it.  We didn’t do that with a hotel that we booked in Amman for 5 nights, as we just arrived from the airport and were all tired. So we paid and when we entered the room, we already noticed we don’t want to stay there, as it was that dirty.

Unfortunately, it was late at night, so we had to spend one night in the hotel and in the morning started looking for another hotel.

The hotel owner did not want to give us back our money for the other nights, so first we were fine with that, as we just wanted to find a good hotel. When you travel with your parents it is so different, as I wanted to give them the best experience.

Anyway, after a few days, the owner suddenly sent me a message whether I wanted to give them a good review on Booking.com and rate them well, only then we would get some money back.
Wow, well okay we did this and I thought I would get some help from booking.com, but that never happened. So I am guessing this is the reason why this stinky hotel has so many good reviews.

Luckily the people from our new hotel were super friendly and helped us out with many things.

I hope I can warn some people this way, as booking.com did not help.

Jerash is an amazing historical place

What about Wadi Rum? Did you book a tour?

We had booked an overnight stay in a camp via Booking.com. This is not the only camp, there are multiple. 

You really have to do it if you want to sleep under the stars of this beautiful desert. It’s super unique and you really get to know the people of the camp.

With the person of the camp we agreed to meet at the beginning of wadi rum, where the highway ends.

He came to pick up us and we agreed on the tour. 
First, he took us to the camp to drop off our stuff and then the amazing tour started.

Cruising with a jeep through the sand, climbing rocks and having wonderful views, seeing neighbouring country Saudi Arabia and enjoying a beautiful sunset. All of this while seeing almost no other people around, was a magical experience.

After the tour, he brought us back to the camp to have some delicious food that they had made underground, so in the sand of the Wadi Rum, very cool! 

If you want to check him out on Instagram or contact him, this is the link. 

Wadi Rum looks like Mars

How much did the tour in Wadi Rum cost?

The costs of the camp and the tour were separate.
Then the tour cost around 70 euros for 3 people and lasted almost a full day. 
Late at night, the food that was served cost around 15 euros in total.
The camp itself cost 40 euros, for 2 nights and 2 rooms. 
Be careful that there is no internet connection in the desert, but they have charging hubs. 

Jordan is a country I would re-visit!

I hope I answered some of the questions you have about travelling in Jordan. If you have more questions, please send me a message! But most of all: enjoy this beautiful country.

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