What is a bidet?

In 2015 I went to Portugal for the first time with family. Including an uncle and he did the most funny things. Here is one of them: 

The first few days my uncle was washing his feet in the bidet٭ in the bathroom. We were staying in the same apartment as he did. Every evening right when we got back after a long day in beautiful Lisbon he washed his feet in here. 

We heard water running, but it was not the shower. But anyway, we had never been on a holiday with my uncle, so we did not think about it. It could also be the sink of course. 

Then after another day of strolling in Lisbon my uncle left the bathroom door open and we suddenly saw him washing his feet in a bidet. We all were like ´What are you doing´ and got confused ourselves, because suddenly we were not sure anymore. 

Even now when I think about it, it makes me laugh. It is a good story for birthdays and parties. 

After my uncle discovered where bidets are for, he immediately stopped doing that hahaha.


٭ Bidets are used for washing your behind after you did a poo ٭

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