If you are staying in Spain or Sevilla for a while, here are some websites and apps you can use if you want to. 

I have been living in Sevilla for already 4 months now. My friends and I have travelled a lot. We used the next websites, to travel as cheap as we can! 


This website is very handy if you want to go to other places well organised. I am not sure if this website is only for the international students. But they have organised trips to places in Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

I went to Gibraltar & Morocco with them once. It was definitely a good experience, because everything is well arranged. Going to Gibraltar or Morocco from Sevilla is not very easy. The only thing I did not like much, was that everything was rushed. A couple of hours here, a couple of hours there… But that´s not something you can do anything about, because you are with a large group. 

Morocco chefchaouen
Morocco chefchaouen
Morocco chefchaouen
Morocco chefchaouen


If you want to take the train in Spain this is a good website to use. I have taken the train twice and I am surprised how well it all works. The trains are comfortable and on time the two times I went with them.

Although you should be careful that you have to travel on the time you booked before. The first time I wanted to go away earlier (because in the Netherlands that is possible), but when the conductor checked our tickets we had to pay more, because the time we went away was more expensive.


On this website you can hire cars from other people or go on a ride with them. If they are going to Cordoba, you can travel in their car for a small price. I hired a car once to go to Ronda and it was well organised. Only disadvantage for me is that the website is all in Spanish.

Amovens. Hire cars in Spain 2
This is one of the cars we hired to explore Andalucía
Amovens. Hire cars in Spain


This website is useful in all of Europe I think. It’s very handy if you want to know the cheapest price to go to another place by train, bus or plane. 


On this website you can buy a seat/place in a car from someone else. If someone else goes from Sevilla to Cordoba you can drive along them. It’s mostly a bit cheaper than the train. I have been numerous time with Blablacar and the experiences were all good! I did not experience any problems. I have met the funniest people this way! 


An app that is very easy to use for the public transport in Spain is called Moovit. You can see which busses or trains you have to take and have a live route description, which means you see where you are at the moment and where you have to get off. 
Only disadvantages are the timings, sometimes the bus has a delay and it doesn´t notice that. 



If you are staying in Sevilla for a longer while, you can think about taking the Sevici. These are bikes that are almost everywhere in Sevilla and you can grab them whenever you want to cycle on them for 30 minutes. After that you have to pay for it. I did not use this at first in Sevilla, because I bought my own bicycle 🙂 

But after I while I used the card of my boyfriend. It´s indeed very handy. But, some bicycles are not the best quality, so if you have to cycle long, it´s not the best feeling. Also have I experienced that ór there were not bicycles at a stop to take any ór there were too much, so you could not park it back. 
Those are the disadvantages if you have to use them often. But I do like the system. 

Sevilla bicycle
When I was a tour guide, I of course always used the bicycles from the company 🙂

Want more travel tips? Awesome! 🙂

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