Bratislava is super fun to visit for one day, but what if you want to see other places closeby? Hrad (Castle) Devín is a good option then. This castle is so gorgeous.

What to expect in this article

After spending a day in Bratislava and Vienna, we wanted to see more of Slovakia. Hrad Devín is only a 20 minutes drive from the capital and absolutely beautiful

Neighbouring countries

The castle was placed here strategically to watch over the Danube river, which makes the view lovely for tourists nowadays. You can also watch over Devín perfectly. 
Next to that, it’s on the border with Austria, you can literally see Austria on the other side of the river. Hungary is also only 27 km away. 
If you are planning to go here, think about visiting Hungary and Austria as well, as it is so nearby. We first visited Budapest/Esztergom, then Bratislava, and later also Vienna. 

Raw and untouched

The nature surrounding the castle is still untouched and raw. You can imagine the history and what might have happened here when walking over this property. Boats sailing over the Danube, hoping to reign in Slovakia. Guards running over the grounds of this castle hoping to defend it. 
The castle is super photogenic and there are many hidden corners which you have to discover by yourself. 

Hrad Devín Fun one-day trip from Bratislava Slovakia
How amazing does this look?

360° view

You can find so many castles in Slovakia, so you just have to visit one. If you don’t want to go too far from Bratislava and still be stunned by an incredible site Hrad Devin is the place to go. 
You almost have a 360° view over the whole site, how unique is that! 

Hrad Devín Fun one-day trip from Bratislava Slovakia


  • Parking by car is very easy as there are enough parking places nearby and it does not cost anything. 
  • As the castle is located on top of a rock, it could be windy. Make sure you bring a jacket in case you feel cold. 
  • We were thinking about going here by boat, but didn’t do it. It might be fun as well! 
Hrad Devín Fun one-day trip from Bratislava Slovakia
I had to let my parents do this. Only my sisters and I are missing 😉
Hrad Devín Fun one-day trip from Bratislava Slovakia
Hrad Devín Fun one-day trip from Bratislava Slovakia



Muránská 1050/10,
841 10 Devín

Opening hours:
March – October:
Tue – Sun 10:00 – 17:00 (break at 12:00 – 13:00, last admission at 16:30)

6 euros p.p. 

Hrad Devín Fun one-day trip from Bratislava Slovakia 1 2

How does Hrad Devín sound to you? Would you like to visit this place for a day trip away from Bratislava? I am also curious about your experiences with other amazing castles in Slovakia. Let me know in a comment!

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