I fell in love with Noshi - coffee garden in Porto and after reading this blog, you might too.

A hip, delicious and Instagram-worthy café in a nice area. That’s how I would describe Noshi. Even the name I find cute! 

We arrived here by accident, after visiting the Igreja Do Carmo. This is a beautiful church with amazing blue azulejos on the side, so we had to take some snaps here. Unfortunately it was closed on Sunday, so we couldn’t enter, but then we realised we are actually quite hungry. And so we arrived at Noshi!

As soon as I saw the menu from outside I knew I had to enter, I mean, they have pancakes

Noshi Cute coffee garden in Porto for lunch 3
The restaurant is right across the Igreja do Carmo

Noshi's coffee collection

If you love coffee, you will be in heaven. There are so many different types, including cappuccino, Arabica espressos, filter coffees and even soy lattes.

I eventually choose for a chai latte. I would have loved to try out their coffees, but a couple of months ago I tried chai latte for the first time. Now every chance I get, I drink it! 

The way to put the chai latte in your glass is pretty funny, just put it on top of your glass, but if you are clumsy, don’t do it like me. Don’t film and put it in your cup at the same time, it does not always go well like you can see in the video below. 😉 

On the site it says: Our blend is made up of 70% Arabica coffee and 30% Robusta coffee that has been carefully selected and the result is a perfect cup of coffee.

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Focaccia, pancakes, avocado and more...

Not only is the coffee delicious, the food as well!

As you can see on the picture I did not choose for pancakes, even though I was tempted to do it.
I chose Focaccia as I haven’t had it for a while. I wanted to compare it with the amazing ones I had in Bari, Italy back in 2020. This one was mouth-watering good, but very different as the one in Italy, which I did not mind. 
My friend choose for the croissant egg, with avocado, which she liked as well. 

The cafeteria also has many vegan and gluten-free options. 

Noshi Cute coffee garden in Porto for lunch
Delicious Focaccia
Noshi Cute coffee garden in Porto for lunch 3
Noshi Cute coffee garden in Porto for lunch 3

Is Noshi Instagram-worthy?

Like I said before, this place is Instagram-worthy, because it has many cute spots for if you want to take some nice pictures. In the back of the store there are many plants which is too fun for taking pictures. 
And no this article is not sponsored unfortunately, I wish!

Nevertheless this cute cafeteria has a few more advantages; So is the staff very kind and can speak English pretty well. Plus, if the weather is nice, you can also sit on the small terrace outside and enjoy the Igreja Do Carmo, the beautiful church on the other side of this place. 

I also saw Noshi is on TheFork and I can’t go without telling you to book through this app/website. I used to work for TheFork in Barcelona and you can get so many discounts on restaurants through this app, it is insane! Again, I am not sponsored to say this, I am just a big fan 🙂 

Noshi Cute coffee garden in Porto for lunch 10
Noshi Cute coffee garden in Porto for lunch 3


Rua do Carmo, 11/12 4050-164 Porto

Telephone number:
(+351) 222 053 034

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