Most beautiful town of Andalucía?!

The best photo spot in Ronda (Andalucía)! Spain

Ronda is according to many people the most magnificent place in Andalucía. One of the reasons is because of the famous bridge, you can see on the picture up here. 

You can find the most cute and little streets in Ronda, but also various view points where you can have a stunning view of the nature, surrounding Ronda.

The best photo spot in Ronda (Andalucía) Spain
One of the examples of the nature surrounding Ronda

How to reach?

My friends and I hired a car from Amovens. We drove 1,5 hours to Ronda. This was a beautiful drive, because the views from the car are stunning!
I recommend you to also go by car, because we could not find any public transport going there. But a year later my boyfriend went to Ronda as well and found public transport, so maybe there might be something now. 

Ronda is not that big, so you can easily walk around the town in a few hours. Just because we took lots of photos, we spend more than a couple of hours here. If you are like us, a photo lover, you will definitely spend lots of hours photographing. So make sure you take a second battery with you! 😉

First go to the bridge and also try to go down there, to the bottom of the bridge. If you go down, you can take a photo like the one I took on the photo on top. Be aware that before you go down, there´s a fence. We first thought we were not allowed to go, but there were many other people. 

The best photo spot in Ronda (Andalucía) Spain
The town is pretty cute
The best photo spot in Ronda (Andalucía) Spain
Do you also want to get married here?

Hike to the bridge

One of my friends (Tina, she is Taiwanese) did a hike to the bridge, which is pretty cool to do! She did it alone, how brave of her.
The only reason why I did not join here, was because we went in September.  A very hot month, it was 35 degrees that day! A temperature this Dutchie is not used to. 😉 So for me a hike was a bit too much, but if you go after September it´s definitely a recommendation! Tina loved it and took amazing pictures. 

Funny story
A quick funny story: Tina was the only Taiwanese international student at my university. She felt alone very often, because there was no one else she could speak Chinese with, while there were 20 Dutch people that year. During her hike, at the bottom of the bridge, she met another Taiwanese girl! What a coincidence 🙂 They met very often after that day in Ronda and I was so happy for her! 

After the bridge go to the town and see all the white houses, where Ronda is also known for. Andalucía has many pueblos blancos, white towns and to go hunting for that is super cool to do. 

The best photo spot in Ronda (Andalucía) Spain
Still one of my favourite photos! It´s close to the fence, the entrance of where you can walk down to the bottom of the bridge
Ronda Spain- always taking pictures.
This was us most of the time in Ronda haha. This was also at the museo

Best photo spot

The place you have to go if you want to take stunning pictures, is El Museo Municipal de Ronda. A museum? About the Roman period? Yes! Not only you learn about the history of Ronda,  but also there are lots of cute patios and nice viewpoints of the stunning nature of Ronda. All the pictures below are taken at this museum! 

We spend so much time at the museum taking photos that we didn´t have time to visit one of the many other casas haha. 
After this we had diner at McDonald’s. Yes, I am not proud of this haha. As we had to wait for Tina and had to hand in the car, we had to eat quickly. I definitely recommend you to go one of the cute restaurants we have seen there and eat some nice tapas! 

The best photo spot in Ronda (Andalucía) Spain
The best photo spot in Ronda (Andalucía) Spain
All these photos are taken at the museo!
The best photo spot in Ronda (Andalucía) Spain
The best photo spot in Ronda (Andalucía) Spain

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