Planning to rent a car so you can go on a fun roadtrip in Spain?

Andalucía, Catalunya, Algarve region in Portugal… name it and I had a roadtrip in these regions. This happened when I was living in Sevilla and Barcelona.
I definitely understand you would like to hire a car, as you just see so many more places as you would, than if you would take public transport. So here are some of my tips to hire a cheap car in Spain! 


Yes you can hire a car at the big car companies like rentalcars.com or sunnycars.com
But if you want to contribute to locals and take care of the planet, you can also think of hiring a car at Amovens.com. No, this article is (unfortunately) not sponsored, but I just want to bring this to your attention. 

Tips for renting a cheap car in Spain
Our car on our roadtrip through Andalucía

So how does it work?

Okay, so you have found a car on the website that you like and you have read the reviews. Did you also look at the included kilometres and see where the car is located in the city?
You can always buy extra kilometres in the next page once you are booking. In some cases you might have to pay a bit extra when you are driving abroad or want to add another driver, but that is not always like that. 

After you have checked this and booked the car, you go to the address that was indicated. The owner of the car, will show the car and you both have to sign a document in the app, which you will also receive by email. I always took a few photos of the car before I left, just to be sure. And off you go!  

Tips for renting a cheap car in Spain
Tips for renting a cheap car in Spain
Tips for renting a cheap car in Spain

Comparison Rentalcars and Amovens

If I compare Amovens and Rentalcars for one weekend (Friday 8.00 – Sunday 18.00), the price difference is at least 70 euros. At Amovens some cars might cost 90 euros, while at Rentalcars some cars cost around 160 euros. No wonder why those big car companies don’t want you to know about Amovens. 

Both ways you will have insurance, so you don’t have to worry about that. 

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Other option: Blablacar

Another option you can use if you don’t want to hire a car or use public transport, is blablacar. This is a way to join someone in their journey to your destination. So you basically book a seat in the car of someone else and that person drives you to the destination.  

I have met so many fun people this way, from funny Spanish people, to travelling Brazilians, that basically want to earn a little bit of money by sharing the trip. It’s not expensive at all! 
I recommend you again to read the reviews before you book a car. 
As a girl alone, I never did this, but I have done it a couple of times with a (girl)friend.

Once, the car of an old Spanish person broke at a tol station, but he made sure a friend of his came to pick us up and drop us at the destination. I have always felt very safe using Blablacar. 

Tips for renting a cheap car in Spain 4
Tips for renting a cheap car in Spain (2)
Our car was our best friend. I love stopping at random places.

Things to keep in your mind

When you hire a car at Amovens, make sure everything is the way it was once you return it. This means, was the car clean and will you drive through muddy terrains? Make sure you hand in the car clean. 
Was the fuel tank completely full when you received it? Make sure you return it the same way, otherwise you will have to pay for it afterwards. 

Besides that, please read the reviews carefully before you book the car and once you have done that, just go, relax and enjoy all the destinations you will go to! 

One last tip: If you know you are going to mountainous regions, don’t book an old car. I made that mistake once and the car had troubles with some steep roads 🙂 

Did you book through Amovens or Blablacar? Send me a message about your experiences!

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