Did you already hear about the Upside Down museum in Amsterdam? This is the largest interactive Instagram museum in Europe. To quote what they mentioned:

It’s like we threw a museum, an amusement park, a nightclub, a few perfect backdrops and some magic mushrooms in a giant blender to create the ultimate Instagrammable Dutch experience.

Unique rooms

After hearing a lot about this museum, of course, I had to visit it. So in 2020, just before I moved to Barcelona I went here with my little sister and we had so much fun! 
There are around 11 rooms and many more objects and I will describe most of them, so that you can decide for yourself if you want to go. 
Because let´s be honest, tickets are not the cheapest as they are 25 euros per person. So I can imagine you want to make sure it is worth it. 

I will share all my stories and photos, so I might spoil some things for you. But in the end, you have to experience and see all these creative rooms for yourself right? 😉
So see this blog as inspiration and take even cooler photos as I did. 


The Upside Down Amsterdam
Europaboulevard 5
1079 PC  Amsterdam
Whatsapp:  +31850659225 


As soon as you come in, you will be welcomed by some kind people and they will explain the rules for you. After this you can put your stuff in a locker and they will make a photo of you. 

The thing I really liked is that you can make a photo of yourself by their huge camera in almost every room you go to. This is all for free! I have experienced many sites where you could take a photo of you in front of some cool statue and you always had to pay for it. Like the Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam, where you can take a photo of you with the fake Obama (I went there in the period Obama was still the president of the USA), but you have to pay for it.

Room 1: Dizzy and disoriented

Very excitedly we climbed up the stairs and headed to the first room. We had to push a big button, so that a video was shown of Anna Nooshin (one of the creators of this museum and a famous influencer in the Netherlands).

Little did we know, that when we entered the door and stepped on the bridge, we would get so dizzy and disoriented. The room was spinning around and we had to make sure to get to the other door on the other side of the bridge. This was barely 7 meters, but it felt like an eternity. 

I am sorry about the dizzy video, but that is how we felt going through it. 

Upside Down Amsterdam Museum

Room 2: Party hardy

Once crossing the crazy bridge, we suddenly entered into a completely blue room filled with colors. One of the staff members explained that we had to put on a headset and that we can use our QR code (on the tickets) to make a picture whenever we like. 

Next to the fact that you can dance around in this large room, I did not find it that special here. Therefore we quickly entered room 3, where everything was upside down. 

Upside Down Amsterdam

Room 3: Upside down

From the blue party room, we went to the first room that was completely upside down. Everything was literally the other way around, which was so funny to witness! 
The room was filled with chairs, a fire place and some funny portraits of famous celebrities in the Netherlands. 
This is the first room where you have to be creative and think of photos to make, that no one else has made so far. Do you accept that challenge? 

Upside down Amsterdam museum 3
Upside down Amsterdam museum 1
Upside down Amsterdam museum 3

Room 4: The jellyfish room

After this awesome room, we entered a more peaceful room. 
This room was filled with blue pretty jellyfish, floating in the air and re-appearing. It might not be a room where you can do crazy moves, but it was good to calm my brain down a little, before the real work starts… 😉 

Upside down Amsterdam museum
Upside down Amsterdam museum

Room 5: The most fun room

Room 5 is one massive room with many creative and interactive items to have fun, take photos and let your brain get creative. 

  • Trampoline:
    One of the objects you can use in this room is the trampoline. Jump around and have fun. You can also use the QR-code to let the big camera take a photo of you, but be aware that the photo is upside down (surprise!)
  • Tampouce swing:
    The second thing you can use is the tampouce swing. A tampouce is a very common delicacy in The Netherlands. It´s a pink and white ´cake.´
    You can sit/stand/lay/dance on this swing. Besides that, you can also add any text that you want, to make your photo extra fun and unique. 
Upside Down museum Amsterdam - Tompouce swing
  • Balls everywhere:
    There is a huge ball pit, with pink balls everywhere. This was the most cool thing in the area and you can be so creative! There is a microphone for if you want to sing. A rainbow for who loves that or do you rather play with the immense macaron? 
Upside Down museum Amsterdam - Ballenbak 2
Upside Down museum Amsterdam - Ballenbak 2
  • Circus area:
    In the circus area you can multiple objects that you can use. One of them is a fun mirror, where you can see each other´s body parts, to make it seem like it is your body only.
  • Candy machine:
    Imagine yourself being in a candy machine, completely surrounded by candies. Who will be the one to take you out of this machine and eat you up? 
Upside Down museum Amsterdam - Circus mirror
Upside Down museum Amsterdam - Candy machine
  • Mirror mirror on the wall: 
    Have you ever seen a kaleidoscope? That is what I felt when I saw these huge mirrors on the floor, walls and ceiling in this tube. You can choose the image you want to have in the back and then you have to be creative, so that you will yourself in every mirror. Talk about being conscious of yourself 😉
  • Dress up party: 
    Wanna try on clothes you have not tried before? Or maybe  just have a cool dressing up party? The clothes are all from the brand Nikkie, a Dutch brand. 
Upside Down museum Amsterdam - Candy machine
  • Cycling through Amsterdam: 
    Wanna cycle through Amsterdam, but are scared to do it? I am Dutch and I am scared too haha. This is the opportunity to try it out. Wind through your hair and your feet in the air! 

A couple of facts I learned there (and I am proud of as a Dutchie): 

  1. In total the Dutch cycle about 15 billion kilometers per year, that is an average of 880 kilometers per person. Teens travel about 2000 km per year. This is comparable to the distance between Amsterdam and Lisbon 
  2. Most children learn to cycle at the age of 5 and most elderly above 75 still cycle an average of 1.7km per dag. 
Upside Down museum Amsterdam - Bakfiets 1

Room 6: Magnum, yummie

In this room you can find a life-size pink Magnum ice cream. Which you can´t eat unfortunately, but you can sit on it and it will move. This room did not make me feel very creative, but I do want to eat this ice cream now! 

Room 7: Upside down 2

Room 7 is another fun space that is upside down and it contains a living room and bathroom. Of course it is not a normal room, because it is filled with arty furniture (placed on the ceiling of course). You can even find a cat here, that you can play with if you´d like. 
In the bathroom you can find a urinal, made in the shape of a mouth.
I especially liked to be creative with the stairs made our of marmer. I would like stairs like this in my future house. 

Upside Down museum Amsterdam - room 7
Upside Down museum Amsterdam - room 7
Upside Down museum Amsterdam - room 7

Room 8: Dance like the Dutch

If you did not have the chance yet to dance around, now you have to. You arrived at Club upside down, where of course, everything is upside down. Are you able to dance from the bottom up? 

Room 9: Football

There´s one sport Dutch people love the most and that is football. Would you also love to play it here? Upside down? 

To be completely honest, we did not find these two rooms that interesting. But it might be fun to play football if you are with a large group or if you really love football. 

Upside Down museum Amsterdam - club room
Upside Down museum Amsterdam - football room

Room 10: Mondriaan

Have you ever heard of the Dutch artist Mondriaan? He has a very special style, which if you see it, you directly know it is his work. This whole room was painted in his style and even though there were no attributes, we had a lot of fun in this room.
All the colors are so pretty and on the picture below we felt like we were in a girlband 😛 

Upside Down museum Amsterdam - Mondriaan room
Who wants to join our girlband?


To reach room 11, you will have to go through a labyrinth. A pretty difficult maze, with mirrors everywhere. I found it pretty cool that this was also present. The thought behind it I loved as well. I am very much against bullying or racisme of any type of sort and this is a beautiful text to describe what is happening nowadays a lot in this world, unfortunately. This is a little of what they had written down before we entered the labyrinth: 

Upside Down museum Amsterdam quote against bullying 2

Room 11: Hello teddy

Room 11 is a room with one immense teddy bear. Super cute of course, but the reason behind is because the museum supports and donates at a child charity. 

Last room: Chalkboard

Then the last room… which is a space filled with chalkboards and arts. You can even create your own design. What will you create? A drawing or you rather write or doodle something? 

Upside Down museum Amsterdam - bear
Upside Down museum Amsterdam - chalkboard


And then it is done… or you might think so. Even the restaurant is pretty and picturesque. After spending 1.5 to 2 hours in the museum, we were a bit hungry, so we had to eat something. Why not the vegan (pink) burger, and I can tell you, it tasted so good! 

Upside Down museum Amsterdam - pink burger
Upside Down museum Amsterdam - pink burger
Upside Down museum Amsterdam - pink burger


After this long article, I will give a short summary. 
If you love arty, fun and picturesque museums, this is the place to be. You have to be a bit creative and like to take pictures. Or not, you can also go to turn your mind upside down and be amazed by all the objects and rooms you are seeing. 

My sister and I love to take photos, as you maybe noticed 😉 and spent easily 1.5 to 2 hours in here. We had a really good time and I do recommend it. 
After this, you can also go to the center, which is only 15 minutes away. 

Now tell me, do you want to go to this place? Let me know!

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